Flower preservation items are UK only
Jewellery can be sent worldwide

Sending Ashes

Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email.

You would then need to send your beloved ones / pets ashes to us.

For most items of jewellery we ask for a very small amount of ashes, if you have purchased 1 item of jewellery we ask for an amount the size of your thumb nail. Very little.

For more than 1 item or for larger pieces we ask for around 5 spoon size amounts.

However any remaining ashes we have not needed to use will be returned back to you along with your jewellery/ items.

Your ashes need to be sent to us with a sealed lid. This can be a small jar/ container/ zip bag. Anything you feel comfortable sending them in, we know it can be a very difficult and worrying time. However we are here to make the process less worrying for you.

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