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My Story

My name is Katie, here is my story...

I was pregnant back in 2018, after losing a baby prior it was worrying. However everything was perfect. I went to my 20 week scan, although very anxious, everything was going well. We decided to do a big reveal with fireworks on bonfire night. We were having a girl we were so happy. It was amazing.

We were all getting ready for Christmas, all excited and buying things for baby. One day after work I noticed i had not felt her. Unfortunately, that night I was told the dreaded words: “I’m sorry there is no heartbeat”.


On the 23/12/18, I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl Ava. She was perfect. Beautiful.

I lost myself for a while, I needed to keep my mind occupied. The pain at times was hard to cope with. I had counselling with House of Light and tried to be positive. I eventually found my cure. I now own my own memorial and cremation jewellery business in Ava’s name. Ava lives on in my work. That is what keeps me going now. My Ava lives on always. I also have the honour of helping others in their grief.

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